Some rooms require a little more than just a new paint color. Adding custom wall art, murals, graphics, and faux finishes help bring personality into a space!

Whether you’re looking for a custom-designed nursery, a creative combination of metallics and faux finishing, or a mural painted on your wall, Handyman Services of McAllen house painters and artists will create something beautifully unique and unforgettable.

At Handyman Services of McAllen, we onboard the best artists, muralists, and interior painters to make sure our customers are getting the best painting service. Contact our customer service team with your project in mind! They will put in contact with a project manager who will get you an artist whose skills align with your painting project.

Handyman Services of McAllen’scustom painting services include specialty and faux finishes, Venetian plaster, hand-painted murals, logo painting and more! Whatever your decorative style may be, we know specialty projects require the utmost care and precision. That’s why our project managers work closely with you to help make your creative vision a reality by choosing the house painter and artist that has the most expertise with your particular paint project! No matter the size or the intricacy of the job, our artists and graphic painters are ready to transform your space into something special.



We Paint:

  • Residential Interiors
  • Residential Exteriors
  • Crown Molding & Baseboards
  • Custom Art & Murals
  • We’re Also Experts In:
  • Wallpaper Installation & Removal
  • Chalkboards & Whiteboards
  • Cabinet Painting & Staining
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Hand-painted wall murals by premier Edinburg Mission McAllen Area muralist.

Hand-painted wall murals designed and painted by Handyman Services of McAllen, a decorative mural painting company led by premier Edinburg Mission McAllen Area mural artists.

Specializing in large wall murals and decorative painting for commercial, public, and residential clients, Handyman Services of McAllen creates beautifully stunning custom wall murals.


We have beautified both cityscapes and interiors for a wide range of customers, with unique works of art.

No matter if your canvas is brick, concrete block, wood siding, or drywall, Handyman Services of McAllen has the ability to design, create, and paint Art on the surface of your choice.

What We Do

Our reputation for quality work has been formulated by a 25-year commitment to proper preparation and detailed painting.

Handyman Services of McAllen has had the opportunity to refinish many detailed structures in Edinburg Mission McAllen TX. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of both historical and modern building techniques gives us great insight for insuring proper and effective completion of our projects.

Mural designing and print reproduction

We've been wowing customers with original fine art murals since 1980 so we've learned a lot, beginning with our digital full-color layouts that we added in 2001, and culminating with our visually stunning wall treatments (a less expensive form or mural work comprising subtler uniform textures) which we introduced in 2012. We offer Print Reproduction of our designs as well, for murals at a fraction of the cost.

All of our digital layouts are fully editable, so revisions can be made easily with turnaround in as little as one day. By submitting in full-color we've had to push the textural quality and color saturation levels of our murals to faithfully match what our customers see on the computer screen, with happy results. We can also submit more basic, monochromatic first drafts at no charge. This benefits customers that have (in most cases) only a vague idea of what they want but would like to see something first to help them make an informed decision in achieving their design goals.


We happily service the needs of cutomers requiring a mural being printed instead of painted, done on a selection of substrates for practically any venue but at a fraction of the cost. We out-source with reputable suppliers that can offer our customers a plethora of formats and materials that today's consumer have come to expect. Our indoor work is printed with latex paint on 10 oz. cotton canvas that we install at no charge, but we also offer lightfast grade ink printed on top-quality 3M vinyl that is installed in sections, and is therfore limitless in size, for outdoor use.


An unique and absolutely original work of art, our hand-rendered drawings are truly a labor of love, done painstakingly with every attention to detail. This is how we designed our work before computers and still do to this day when evisioning an animated compositions that tells an amusing tale.


This is the very backbone of what we do best, from custom designs that our clients want painted to ones we create ourselves. We paint, finish and install murals for a variety of applications and venues, indoors and out.


Looking to fill that boring blank wall with something else? Try a home business mural custom made to your liking. Do you want to decorate or liven up the walls within your home or business?  Try something different for your empty wall space.  Speak with a mural artist to express your own ideas for a custom personable home business mural.

Personal Home Business Mural Decorations

Customize your own personal space with a unique individualized painting done right on your walls just for you.  Have some ideas stirring about changes you want to have done to your interior spaces. Contact us with your ideas and have a professional artist render it to your liking, they will execute the final idea on a large scale within your space. Mural paintings are a great center pieces and generate conversations in public areas. Where the hanging picture just won't open up the space the way you want anymore, make it more permanent with a home business mural.  A chance for you to take that same picture and blow it up on your wall.  Perhaps an ornamental design to accent certain architectural features in your room.  The possibilities for a home business mural are almost endless, and end only with your own ideas.


Some people are described as being “one of a kind.” And, their homes clearly reflect this notion.

Being unique often exceeds paint and wallpaper. A design or space has to stand out, and a mural simply does the trick.

Handyman Services of McAllen team of skilled home painters in Edinburg Mission McAllen is up to the task. Spaces and areas large and small can feature artwork, a graphic, or design of your choice. Create an accent, give a room a brand-new look, or simply transition from one area to another. What options are out there?


Painting on the Surface: Our team brings your vision to life directly onto the wall. Practically any space or material is a possibility. Work with us to add murals to ceilings, walls, floors, and even furniture – and on glass or metal, as well. We’ll paint it anywhere, too – onto the exterior or inside your home.

Applied to the Wall: The design is first painted or printed onto canvas, and then applied to the wall like wallpaper.

Any Room: Murals might seem like something added to a public space, but within your Edinburg Mission McAllen home, they’re an expression of your personal style. Add a professional touch to your dining room or home office, create an exciting atmosphere in the game or family room, make a fun hangout for everyone, or reflect your child’s interests in his or her bedroom.

Murals are some of the most effective home renovation projects. Few, if any, additional construction is required, while the new design brings about an entirely different character. And with high-quality, weather-resistant paints used, what’s added will last and stay bright for years to come.

Have an idea for your home? Utilize Handyman Services of McAllen mural painting services to bring it to fruition. Start your project by contacting our Edinburg Mission McAllen location for a free consultation.



Mural painters charge $50 to $100 per hour or generally $10 to $35 per square foot, depending on their experience and the intricacy of your painting. You might pay closer to $50 per square foot for a master painter.



A wall mural is a decorative painting on a wall. It’s a fun way to add personality and fun to your home. This cost guide looks at a painted wall mural in a home. The largest factor in wall mural costs is the quality and cost of an artist. This cost guide will look at the costs for 200 sq.ft. of a mural.

Cost breakdown

Labor and Material Costs: professional artists typically charge between $50-$70 per hour to paint murals on site. Labor and material costs are typically wrapped into total costs and put forward as a cost per square foot for the mural itself. An average artist takes 4 hours per 20 sq.ft. of low intricacy mural.

  • $10 per sq.ft. (low intricacy)
  • $15 per sq.ft. (medium intricacy)
  • $20 per sq.ft. (high intricacy)

Sketching fee: most artists charge a sketching fee to formulate an artistic vision and sketch of your desired mural. Expected cost: $600-$1,500 flat rate.


Size: most artists request a minimum of 100-160 sq.ft. mural to get started. The larger the size of the mural, the greater discount your artist will provide in your cost per sq.ft.

A small 160 sq.ft. low intricacy mural will take around 32 hours and will cost $1,120-$1,600.
A 200 sq.ft. low intricacy mural will take 40 hours and will cost $1,400-$2,000.
A 400 sq.ft. low intricacy mural will take 80 hours and will cost $2,800-$4,000.

Intricacy: adding colors, design elements, and features to a design increases the design’s intricacy. Each artist has their own threshold for intricacy but you can expect to see price increases as follows:

Mid range intricacy: it doubles or triples the price.

160 sq.ft. mid range intricacy mural will take around 64-96 hours and will cost $2,240-$4,800.
A 200 sq.ft. mid range intricacy mural will take 80-120 hours and will cost $2,800-$6,400.
A 400 sq.ft. mid range intricacy mural will take 80 hours and will cost $2,800-$4,000.

High intricacy: it typically increases the price five-fold. Work hours are normally split between artists. Even very intricate designs should take less than 1-2 weeks to paint.

A small 160 sq.ft. high intricacy mural will take around 160 hours and will cost $5,600-$8,000.
A 200 sq.ft. high intricacy mural will take 200 hours and will cost $7,000-$10,000.
A 400 sq. ft. high intricacy mural will take 400 hours and will cost $14,000 - $20,000.

Enhancement and improvement costs

Add a stylish trompe l'oeil painting, which is a style of painting in which things are painted in a way that makes them look like real objects. This would be billed as a high intricacy mural and will cost 5 times more than a basic mural.

Apply a sealant or protective coating to preserve the mural as long as possible. This is often wrapped into an artist’s charge, however, adding this feature should be less than $100.

Additional considerations and costs

Work done that requires a ladder including ceiling work, will increase the cost. Expect at least an extra $2-$4 per sq.ft.

Any base work that needs to be done will be charged separately, including the base color paint, hole filling, spackle 1 or furniture moving. This is often a line item, and can be avoided by preparing the area for the artist before hand. This is typically charged between $100-$200 or more depending on how much work is needed to prepare for the work.

A mural can be added to any prepared wall surface although work done outside may take longer and cost more due to weather concerns.

A mural creates a highly personalised home, but rarely increases the value of the home.

No permits are required.

Consulting an interior designer is a helpful way to ensure the look is exactly what you want. Interior designers typically charge $50-$200/hr.



If you’re looking to add a unique feature to a room in your home or business—or a wall in your yard or garden—a mural could be the answer. Muralists typically have a graphic design and/or fine art background, and often also specialize in other painting services, such as faux finishes, which can transform existing walls by giving them the look of polished stone, metal, wood or other surfaces. Pricing for murals will range widely, depending on the size, surface to be painted (porous or textured, indoors or outdoors), and level of detail in the desired image.

Most artists base prices on a day or hourly rate and include the cost of materials in their fee. In some cases, a muralist may quote a project using a price per square foot that will range from as low as $15 up to several hundred dollars. Fine art painter Doug Morris of Beautiful Walls by Doug Morris, based in Phoenix, Arizona, gives clients initial estimates in cost per square foot, but the final cost may differ slightly, depending on additional factors. Morris always provides a sketch for clients to approve before starting work.

Project fee or day rate

Most muralists charge a project fee, which is settled in advance once the details have been worked out and before work begins. Art by Annette owner Annette Dostaler, based in Bristol, Connecticut, typically bases her project fee on a day rate of $325, which includes her time and materials costs. Her projects take two days on average, she says, adding that murals for nurseries and kids’ rooms are extremely popular now. Doug Morris’s day rate is about $600, but not all projects incur this rate, he says, because they may take less time. If a mural is extremely detailed, or if extensive surface preparation needs to be done, the total cost will increase.


The size of the mural to be painted is the first thing a muralist will need to know before working up a project estimate. Sometimes larger murals cost more—but not always. Other factors may come into play that increase or lower the cost of a larger piece. Doug Morris painted a 2-by-3-foot mural that cost $2,500 because it was very detailed, while a simpler 4-by-5-foot mural of an aspen grove cost $400.


Sometimes the level of detail in a mural affects its price more than its size. Cori Alsbrooks Murals & Graphics in Van Nuys, California, charges from $75 to $1,000 or more, depending on the detail required and how porous the surface material is. Doug Morris’ largest mural project, a highly detailed tropical gazebo that covered three walls of a client’s powder room, cost $29,000. That project took eight weeks to complete.


The type of surface to be painted and the amount of preparation required before the muralist can begin will also affect your total cost. Porous surfaces, such as stucco on an exterior wall , may be more difficult to paint on, which will increase the muralist’s time (and your cost). On the other hand, Morris points out, larger outdoor murals typically are not as detailed because of the larger scale, so they may actually cost less than a very detailed indoor piece. Art by Annette’s Dostaler says her outdoor murals may cost a bit more because the outdoor paint is more expensive. Alsbrooks and Morris will charge more if a client wants them to do the surface preparation required. Morris points out that in some cases, it may be more economical for a client to hire a house painter to prepare an interior wall for a mural if there is a lot of patching or repair work needed.


Looking for outdoor indoor wall mural painting services for your business, building or public art uses? Call today Handyman Services of McAllen handyman to get started. We offer custom mural painting, wall painting for daycares, schools, kids rooms, clinics, commercial and residential customers. Contact Handyman Services of McAllenreliable muralists and mural painters nearby in the Edinburg Mission McAllen TX area - neighbors love this list of local contractors. Quickly hire a great service today. Cost of mural wall custom painting services? Free estimates. Call us now or send a message for more information.

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